MSHSF-1453 İngilizce

The air sterilization filter is a product that is designed for to separate the particles from compressed air and give it with in a desired pressure. Clean and sterile air can easily be used in any environment.
MSHSF-1453 designed for airline on the central system in hospitals. The use of Ventolin, pulmicort, flixotide, atrovent, inhaler adrenalin usually performed with oxygen and nebulizer machines at the central medical system. Both oxygen consumption and nebulizer machines will be disabled by using the central system air sterilization filter.
By using the central system air sterilization filter; oxygen consumption will be reduced, patients’ nebulized treatments will be completed in a shorter time, Ventolin, pulmicort, flixotide, atrovent, inhaler adrenalin will be used more effectively, electricity, oxygen, maintenance costs will be saved.
With long life of the central system air sterilization filter don’t need for maintenance and provides an advantage in terms of usage. The filter’s body is entirely aluminum so it does not contain bacteria or microbes. There is no risk of infection. İt provides easy mounting advantages.

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